VCE years 11 & 12 Folio preparation tuition classes

Our art tuition classes aim to guide VCE students through their individual projects for their VCE unit1-4 studies (based on VCAA curriculum). The tutorials help to build technical skills for creative processes and assist students learning and study approach for folios preparation. Subjects covered are: Art, Studio Art, Visual Communication & Design Technology, and Design Technology.

For many years we have held a good record for students becoming high achievers in their art studies at their own schools. Also, a number of our past VCE students have been shortlisted or selected as finalists in Top Arts/ Top Design and had their works displayed at this Statewide prestigious annual exhibitions.

Our weekly tuition session for VCE students is only for one Art subject. Students who study more than one subject or intend to do sculpting or use textiles as a medium must enrol for 2 sessions per week.

Please note that we do not accept year 12 student in term 1. All year 12 students must join our Early Commencement Programme in term 4 to ensure a kick start for the year that follows. Interview is essential. Please book an appointment through our Contact us page.


Studio: 62 Valentine St,
Ivanhoe 3079
Vic, Australia

Open Hours

Monday - Thursday: 4pm – 7:15pm
Holidays: Closed


0413 840 991