“Art tuition with Kitty was an invaluable experience. Kitty taught me so many new and unique skills in textiles, drawing and watercolour. It was due to her support that I was able to bring my ideas to life.

I enjoyed and looked forward to classes with Kitty. Her individualised help and mentoring enabled me to thrive in year 12 with my art studies. Thanks to Kitty’s help I was awarded two school awards, including dux of studio arts.”
Eva Rodgers (Ivanhoe Grammar School), 2024 

“I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I received a 50 study score in art! I am astonished and excited to have achieved this. This result is something I would not have been able to have achieved without your assistance and mentorship, which kept me motivated throughout the difficult year. I am immensely grateful for you and your kindness and just wanted to extend this appreciation upon receiving my results.”
Annika Sultana  (Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School) 2021

“It has been a delight to see how Kitty enables creativity and artistic talent to flourish in children – through technical tuition balanced with experiential learning to support individual expression. From primary school to year 12, Kitty‘s guided classes have built Leah’s skills, confidence and identity in her artistic style and purpose.  This type of art education is way beyond what schools can provide.  Kitty opens the doors for young people to the world of art. It is inspiring to see their creations and the joy that it brings.”

Dr Loren Miller 2020

“We are so happy with Olivia’s relationship with you and the 10 years she has spent at KOCAS- it’s been invaluable on so many levels.  Olivia has loved every moment of her time at KOCAS and is now happily pursuing her dream course in the Arts. You certainly provided her with the skills to produce excellent results. Thank you Kitty!”
Judy Harper   2020

“Hi Kitty, I want to thank you so very much for all your support of Chester. I can tell you he really loves going to his tutorials with you and has really valued your work with him.   And again Kitty, thank you.  It’s not just been your teaching of Art, it has also been your way with him that has helped him so much.

Very best for your future students.”
Sallyanne,  Northcote  2019

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help over the past two years, it has been absolutely amazing and I know that without you I would not have been able to be as successful as I have been in studio arts, especially this year. Your guidance has helped paved the way for me to achieve great marks with my folios and I am so thankful.”
Mackenzie K,   Ivanhoe  2019 

“G is so fortunate that you took her on at the stage you did, I think it was in Year 9? I don’t think she had another teacher from whom she learned so much and who had so much to teach her. She is so happy with the work she is doing; it makes her happy to do it! The university focuses on ideas rather than techniques and you are able to help with both. I am so grateful to have you in our lives! Look forward to seeing you again soon.”
2019 — D.H Ivanhoe

“Hi Kitty,
Ben has really enjoyed his classes with you and we are so pleased that he has had an opportunity to experiment with different forms of art. The pieces he has brought home have been fantastic!
I thank you again for sharing your skills with the young people in our community, and for providing the experience of displaying their work at the annual exhibition.”
2018 — Rosemary & Ben

Hi Kitty, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years break! I just wanted to say thank you for the past years helping me with my art subjects and folio and I appreciate all the time and help offered. For my final decision I chose to do the RMIT textile design course in which I’m really excited and looking forward to. So thank you for all your support in the past years.
2018 — Isabella Buratto Eaglemont

“I really enjoyed coming to your lessons this year and i wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher and helping me with my folio.”
2017 — Georgina Mantamadiotis Camberwell

“Hi Kitty, I also wanted to say a BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the skills and knowledge you have imparted to Aidan over the years. He has developed tremendously as a budding artist, and the guidance, exposure and opportunities you have given him to explore his craft are simply extraordinary. He has learned so much from you, and his repertoire of artwork is so much broader and richer because of you.”

2017 — Karen Chay Doncaster

“Hi Kitty, Just wanted to say thanks for a great year of Art and helping Rosie progress.
Thought you’d like to know she was awarded the visual art prize at her graduation ceremony last night. She was really pleased.”

2016 — Jenny Pettenon, Alphington

“Hi Kitty, I hope you remember me, I attended KOCAS folio preparation tuition classes for my year 12 Studio Arts folio in 2014 (Thursday night classes). I attended Northcote High School and with your help achieved a 44 raw score. This helped me get into my Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne Uni where I am now majoring in Art History. I really enjoyed your classes and felt you helped me think creatively and push myself to new achievements, I am loving art history, your classes in year 12 really inspired me to continue in the art world…..”
2016 — Tessa Down, Ivanhoe

“Hi Kitty, I’ve been meaning to write for ages, but having been to Max’s school teacher interviews this week I’ve been spurred on!

I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful teaching you gave Max over the years, which has really prepared him so well for his VCE visual communications and media studies subjects in particular. Both his teachers in these subjects reported that his folio work/annotations are comprehensive and well thought out, and the quality of his work is excellent. Max told them it was because of your classes, and he’s right. We’re so grateful for this.

It’s important to let people know when they make a difference in our lives, & Max and I really appreciate all those hours of guidance.”
2016 — Emma & Max Barlow, Clifton Hill

“I was lucky enough to be a student of Kitty’s for 10 years! Growing up I always loved art, however it wasn’t until I started classes with Kitty that it turned into a passion, which has now become my career. I am a Fashion Design honours graduate from RMIT and now working in the fashion industry. Kitty always encouraged us to be creative and original whilst still making sure we understood the basic technique of so many different forms of art. From sculpture to textiles, to abstract oil paintings to life pencil drawings, Kitty passed on all her knowledge of art and design. Most important for me was learning how to create artwork informed by ideas, meaning and technique.

We learnt how to research, explore, trial and test every possible idea which is not only important in a year 12 folio, but I found the basic foundation of every aspect of my fashion design degree and now my first job within the fashion industry. Not only did Kitty teach us a wide range of techniques and introduce us to many different art forms, she teaches you how to be designers and think creatively. You learn how to get the best out of yourself by pushing your ideas to the limit. Since completing my classes, Kitty has become a great friend of mine and continues to support me and everything I do, and even still helps me with my collections!!”
Megan Edwards, Northcote. Long standing KOCAS student graduated in 2011.

“I am so happy and feel so fortunate that both girls have the opportunity to be taught by you. I’m so grateful that they can explore themselves socially, intellectually and creatively and live life to its fullest potential. I really appreciate that you know girls so well. I did need to remind myself not to be judgemental about different approaches to art. Both can learn so much. Thanks Kitty.”
2016 – Tessa Silluzio, (girls in grade 1 & 4), East Ivanhoe

“Through the unfolding weeks when I was taking VCE art tuition classes with Kitty, she always reminded us that our explorations were the key to our success and that all our developmental work was as, if not more important than our final outcomes as it showcased our skills to be innovative and to improve.

I’m please to witness her continued enthusiasm and love in teaching young students very same techniques which she taught me 10 years ago, setting them up with a sound foundation for a great artistic future.

So on a final note I just wanted to thank you kitty for all your teaching and support you have sown me throughout the years.

I honestly couldn’t have done year 12 without you and I know I will carry many of the skills and lessons I have learned in your classes into my treachery studies and in my attitude to many things that may come my way. Thank you very much Kitty.”
Isabella Toppi, Eaglemont. Long standing KOCAS student graduated in 2015

“Over the past 10 years, I have learnt and grown considerably through working with Kitty and discovering my passion for art. As each of her students know and appreciate, as do the parents I’m sure, Kitty’s devotion and passion for art is remarkable. She invests so much of her time into each and every one of her classes, guiding us all to achieve unique and interesting pieces of art with a vast range of mediums. I have created many unique pieces with Kitty’s mentoring and patience along the way, from limestone, to oil painting and most recently resin. I leave KOCAS knowing that not only have I acquired a diverse range of skills and techniques, hoping to apply these to my next chapter of my life and ultimately a career.

During the 10 years many friendships have been made, sharing a passion for art. Every Tuesday night at 7:30, we would all meet, working hard on our pieces and portfolios and at the same time understanding one another’s frustrations and achievements. I hope these friendships will continue in years to come. There is one in particular that I will always treasure, and that is my friendship with Kitty. Having met her when I was only in grade 2 we have shared many highs and lows. Her patience is to be commended as having been through many stressful times, no thanks to my incessant perfectionist nature, Kitty has always been there to guide me through it. If there is one thing that I will take way from my time at KOCAS art classes, that is that there is no limit to one’s imagination and ideas, as explorations and experimentations are the fundamentals to any concept, which can lead to a new and unknown possibilities never even considered. This not only applies to art practices but also to life. So thank you so much Kitty, for everything!”
Elanna Vaiano, East Ivanhoe Long standing KOCAS student graduated in 2015

“My son has been attending Kitty’s classes for children since 2013 (he’s in grade 5 now). He really enjoys the drawing, painting, printing and sculpting… in fact every aspect of the art making process at her classes. The diverse exposure to the various art media that he gets through Kitty is amazing. With her guidance, his technical skills have improved, yet he’s given space to explore his own creativity. Thank you Kitty, for being such a dedicated and inspirational teacher and for encouraging the young ones on their art journey!”
2015 — Karen Chay, Doncaster


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