Regular Term art classes

Grade 1 to Year 8

These classes are technique based and deliver fundamental art skills and knowledge with the use of a broad range of media. Students learn about the elements and principles of art and design through art projects each term. Study units covered are drawing, painting, printing, mixed media and sculpting. Students are encouraged to explore the world of visual arts and their creativity. Curriculum is carefully planned and topics for each term are usually progressive and extended from one term to the next. Therefore, it is preferred that students maintain a regular attendance. Our curriculum is set at a standard that exceeds what is required by the AusVELS standards. For this reason, our students’ course work pieces are often of a very high standard compared to their peers at school. They are master pieces, intended to be keepsakes.


Studio: 62 Valentine St,
Ivanhoe 3079
Vic, Australia

Open Hours

Monday - Thursday: 4pm – 7:15pm
Holidays: Closed


0413 840 991